Joke 1

"Doc, I can't stop singing the green green grass of home."
"That sounds like Tom Jones syndrome."
"Is it common?"
"It's not unusual."
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Joke 2

So I went to the dentist.
He said "Say Aaah."
I said "Why?"
He said "My dog's died."
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Joke 3

So I was getting into my car, and this bloke says to me "Can you give me a lift?"
I said "Sure, you look great, the world's your oyster, go for it."
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Audio Transfer

Many individuals, groups, choirs, orchestras, education or religious establishments have over the years documented their musical lives by making recordings.

A large number of these still remain stored on media which can so easily be damaged - perhaps on vinyl LP, single or 78 records which become dusty and scratched, or on audio cassettes which can wear out or become stretched over time. We so often take good care of our books and photographs, but, far less care is taken over recordings.

CD's can be produced from any digital or analogue sound source or audio recording. The results play on standard CD players (1) CD's are supplied in single plastic 'jewel cases' without labels unless requested. With careful storage, the manufacturers claim that disc is the ideal way of archiving valuable recordings for many years. I can perform a straightforward transfer to disc from any recorded format.
WAV or MP3 files are also available as a compressed ZIP file for secure download.

Digital Editing

Using the latest digital technology I have the ability to de-hiss, de-click, shorten or lengthen individual tracks if necessary to suit the customers needs.

Audio Transfer Charges
Digital copy from CD to CD with track indexing £5
Digital transfer from analogue source to CD with track indexing £20
2 or more digital copies to CDs with track indexing £20 for 2 + £5 per additional copy
2 or more digital transfers from analogue source to CDs with track indexing £25 for 2 + £5 per additional copy
Digital transfer from analogue source to CD as individual WAV or MP3 files £20
Digital transfer from analogue source to compressed ZIP file for secure download (individual WAV or MP3 files) £15
Digital Editing Charges
£20 per hour up to a maximum of 10 hours after which a flat fee of £250 is payable

Transfer and recording work is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. RCC normally only accept orders on a bank transfer basis on the customers estimate of the numbers and duration of disc's required.
  2. In placing a contract for recording or transfer of audio material the customer agrees to hold RCC harmless in respect of intellectual property, copyright and mechanical copyright protection issues. It is RCC customer's responsibility to clear any mechanical copyright issues direct with the holders or through MCPS.
  3. RCC cannot accept responsibilities for any consequential loses however caused.
  4. RCC will endeavour to complete orders within ten working days but cannot guarantee this due to a number of factors beyond its control.
  5. Every care will be taken with customers material but RCC cannot be held responsible for loss or damage caused by, but not confined to handling, replay, fast spooling, storage and dispatch. Copies of customers recordings are only made to facilitate transcription and are not normally retained beyond a short period to cover loss of discs in despatch or other eventualities.
  6. RCC uses only the highest quality materials and techniques in making recordings and transcriptions, and will remake any found defective within a reasonable time (or refund the fee at RCC's discretion) but their longevity cannot be guaranteed. It is always important to store discs and materials in a suitable environment.

(1) The produced CD's conform to the 'Red book standard adopted' by makers of CD players. However, very occasionally, a CD player is found which cannot play CD's although in every case so far investigated the player was either very old and designed before the standard was adopted, or is in poor condition and has trouble playing other CD's.